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1. Installation and configuration

Few steps to configure your VS 2010 Solution :
  • Download source code to your machine. When you open the solution, you will find three projects :
    • Next.CodeGen : a simple console application that manages command line interface. See command line help page or type one of these commands to show help
CodeGen -help 

CodeGen ? 
  • Next.CodeGen.Core : A class library application that include the all the generation mechanisms for :
    • Schema
    • Forms
    • Validators
    • Globlization
    • Applications
    • Etc...
  • Next.CodeGen.CommonControl : A WPF class library that will host the generated forms, schema and validators.
  • Next.CodeGen.Data : The Data Access Layer. ADO.NET Entity Framework Generated Classes (edmx)
  • Next.CodeGen.Main : The WPF main application.

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